If purchased with a new bike, all accessories will be fitted free of charge.
Free fitting also applies when you carry out a regular or deluxe bike service.

At a minimum this is what you need for commuting to work.

European certified + Start at £35 for adults and £19.99 for children. In our opinion, you should always wear your helmet. The pros do – so should you !

Decent front + rear LED kits start from just £30. With long run times, good build quality and easy to carry.

Use a quality D lock. Starting at £45. If you have quick release wheels and/or a seatpost a strong cable is highly recommended.

Essential for saving your skin should a fall occur and preventing your hand from numbness due to the ulnar nerve being compressed. We use winter gloves and fingerless ones for summer.

Hi Viz clothing
Be bright daylight or late evening, you need to be as visible. Increase your visibility to other road users by wearing a high viz jacket or waistcoat. We also have covers for your rucksack.

We believe the following while not essential, will help :

Bottle Cage and water bottle
Energy bars
Spare inner tube or two (in case of a puncture)
Tyre levers (prevents damage to your tires) and speeds up tube replacement.
Allen Key for quick adjustments